Our Story

HeyChef is the new way to re-discover home cooking. With HeyChef, you get meals prepared by chefs in the comfort of your home, with complete control over the menu, ingredients, taste, and portions.

It started as a casual dinner table conversation between my wife and me. After a particularly long Tuesday at work, we came home to a pot of biryani — our favorite meal — welcoming us. Prepared earlier in the day by our weekly personal chef, the biryani’s fragrant aroma was an instant pick-me-up. As we sat down and relished our meal, we talked about how great it was that we both could walk in late from work and not have to worry about dinner. We had a freshly-prepared meal waiting for us — not a basic meal plan option or last minute unhealthy takeout. We realized what a true blessing having a personal chef was! 

That’s when we thought, “wouldn’t it be incredible if more people could enjoy this service?” A personal chef who comes home to cook your favorite meal — without breaking the bank.

And that’s how HeyChef was whipped up! With HeyChef, you can get a home-cooked meal with complete control over the menu, ingredients, taste, and portions. More so, you can book a chef at your convenience, any time of the day, with just the click of a button.  HeyChef makes everyday food a whole lot more exciting and less of a chore. It’s home food at your fingertips!

Pranav Arora, Co-founder & CEO — HeyChef

Meet our team

Raymond Dano

– Operations Supervisor

Vivian Mapesa

– Operations Executive

Jairah Ramirez

– Operations Executive

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