Dear HeyChef Customers,

In light of the global COVID-19 situation, we want to reassure our customers of the measures HeyChef is taking.

Our customer’s safety is our top priority and we are implementing stringent measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment; thus we are taking every possible measure to protect you as well as our chefs from this global pandemic.

At HeyChef, the following measures are being taken to further minimize any risks:

  • All chefs have been vaccinated for Covid-19 from an authorized DHA medicinal facility.
  • All staff have their temperature checked daily at the beginning and at the end of their shifts
  • All staff are being told to maintain social distance
  • Our team of chefs and drivers are implementing a two-step hand washing and sanitizing protocol every 30 minutes
  • All Chefs are equipped with masks, gloves and hand sanitizers at all times, which they have been asked to use throughout their bookings
  • We are constantly monitoring each of our employee’s health and well-being

Moreover, all Chefs are to adopt obligatory measures and suggested precautions on food handling during a service.

  • Frequent washing of hands in between handling raw and cooked foods
  • Thorough cooking and proper handling of raw meat products
  • Surfaces and objects, including kitchen utensils, bowls, cutlery or any material used to perform the service are to cleaned thoroughly and as frequently as possible
  • Use of gloves and a face mask while performing a service. New gloves and mask to utilized for each service
  • Avoid close and direct contact with customers as much as possible. Keep distance of at least one meter
  • The dishes are to be kept in the cooking utensil once prepared. Only on customer’s request, the dishes will be transferred into a separate utensil

We are all feeling the impact of the recent developments on our personal lives and we hope that everyone stays safe. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email and we will be glad to assist you.

Stay healthy,

HeyChef Team